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Pilates for Cancer Recovery and Chronic Conditions in Asheville, NC

Pilates as a method of mind-body exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates and his students in the early half of the 20th century.  However, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that it began to gain momentum and power as a global exercise phenomenon.  Today, pilates classes vary widely, but in general, they are all rooted in the core pilates principles of Whole Body Movement, Trunk Integration, and inclusion of Upper and Lower Body Strengthening.

How Is Pilates Used for Cancer Recovery & Chronic Conditions

When going through or after “recovering” from  a traumatic health event or living with a chronic illness or injury we very often feel like our bodies have betrayed us.  We no longer know or connect with the physical body that we are currently living in.  We long for the ease of knowing and connecting with our whole selves. 
Pilates based movement principles allow us to connect and integrate our core and our core selves.  The Pilates method is deeply rooted in core strengthening, fascial trunk integration, whole body lengthening, and overall upper and lower body strengthening.

The Resilience Approach

Resilience PT’s pilates classes are for ALL BODIES: bodies that have been broken and fragmented by illness, injury, & surgery; bodies that have become less active with age, time, and the intense business of life; bodies that don’t move and feel the way we want them too; bodies that need and desire strength, mobility, balance, and ease of movement.  
Resilience PT weaves together core Pilates principles along with fascial integration and lymphatic mobility exercises in all classes.  Specialized classes specifically focusing on Neuropathy and Balance, Lymphatic Mobility, and Osteoporosis Prevention and Management are also available
YOU have the ability to connect with your core; connect with your body; connect with your core SELF. Resilience PT’s small supportive environment with specialized pilates classes taught by an experienced physical therapist will enable you to deeply connect and access your inner strength, balance, confidence, and ease.

Investment for Pilates

Individual Class Price: $18
5 Class Package: $85 ($17 per class)
10 Class Package: $150  ($15 per class)
Class Packages may be used for any class and do not expire.  Packages can be purchased by contacting Rachael at 
Resilience PT.

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